Board Members

dFs Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides governance of our organization by ensuring that the agency operates in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and its own bylaws. This includes conducting regular and annual meetings at specified intervals and keeping a record of meeting minutes, which are reviewed and approved. Other major functions of the Board of Directors are fiscal oversight of the agency, approval of the agency budget, and approval of the purchase of property and other major capital expenditures. Our board members also support our agency through contributions and sponsoring major fundraisers which have supported our Drop-In Center, our building fund and other special projects over the years.

Our Board is composed of nine to twelve community members who represent different areas of expertise. Our board also includes a client representative and a family member representative. We are very fortunate that our board has a mix of long-term and more recent members who all bring their various talents to the table to benefit our agency.

Vikki Gruitza – President
Ken Johnston – Treasurer
Matthew Fabian – Secretary
Julie Cylencia – Vice President
Deb Stiger – Member
Maureen Dunn – Member
Ann U’Halie – Member
Julie Ginnis – Member
Jennifer Muir – Member

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